September 1st - New workshops!

The new courses and workshops for 2014-15 are now ready for you to join in the calendar. Head over the "Education" section to know more about the diverse topics we are going to cover and do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions!

June 28th - Digital Audio Bootcamp

A day in the studio for every aspect of digital audio: sample rates, word length, dithering, conversions, upsampling and resampling, plus all sorts of bit-related questions, sponsored by: VOVOX, Dangerous Music, Focal, Flux plug-ins and Weiss Engineering. Thanks everybody!

June 9th - Are all audio cables the same?

A new article comparing audio cables, featuring famous brands like VOVOX, Sommer, Gotham and Mogami. Time to dive in one of the oldest - yet definitely exciting - shootouts ever! Read the article.

May 13th - Metric Halo Day

A day in the studio with Metric Halo and italian product specialist Pierangelo Troiano. Using Metric Halo amazing hardware Alberto Rizzo Schettino recorded some live acoustic guitar, straight through the Metric Halo converters, with italian guitarist Niccolò "Nikko" Niccolò Nikko Menichini and then mixed it with Metric Halo Production Bundle and +DSP software. With as many as 18 bookings, this was definitely one of the most crowded events of the year! Thanks everyone!

Are all audio cables the same?

Find out for yourself!
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Recording Acoustic Guitar

So many ways, so little time!
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Peak limiting explained

How loudness affects your mixes
Coming soon